In an ideal world, young girls of color would be showered with infinite messages of self-love and self-acceptance reflective of their inherent and immeasurable worth. They would be inundated with a plethora of affirming role models urging them to reach for the stars just within their grasp. Yet even today there remains a dearth of these aforementioned messages and role models essential to the well-being and self esteem of young girls of color in the United States. In one fell swoop Betty K. Bynum - an accomplished journalist, screenwriter, and actress brazenly steps in to fill the void with her multifaceted The I’m A Girl Collection. Promulgating positive images and mantras to young girls of color ages 2-9, the collection finds its genesis in a series of 12 children’s books authored by Bynum and illustrated by prolific English illustrator/animator Claire Armstrong Parod (Space Jams, Curious George) – beginning with the inaugural title I’m A Pretty Little Black Girl! Filled with radiant colors, captivating characters, and age-appropriate affirmations woven into unique story lines, The I’m A Girl book series has received praise from the likes of esteemed director/choreographer Debbie Allen, comedian/actor Chris Rock, and legendary Academy-award winning actress Ruby Dee. The series itself was inspired by a confluence of events - including the introduction of President Barack Obama’s daughters Sasha and Malia into American public life. After a visit to a local bookstore’s children’s section, Bynum was further inspired to push forward with her undertaking. 


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