"In addition to keeping the MTV News department up to date on newsworthy events regarding their roster of artists, HPR proves to be a public relations firm geared toward establishing the most amicable working relations between the media and the artist." ~Elon Johnson,  Producer, MTV News




"When I hear a publicist say, "This artist is going to be the next...," they start to sound like Charlie Brown's teacher, "Wa wa wa wan." But when HPR’s pitching their artists, I feel the sincerity. And I start listening." ~Billy Johnson, Jr., Editor, Yahoo! Music




"Having worked with Helio PR on multiple occasions, they are very professional and go above and beyond to satisfy their client's needs. I look forward to working with themagain in the future!  ~Erickka Sy Savane, Editor, Madamenoire



"HPR, wonderful company, Sasha is great, professional, informative and very reliable. I have worked with her for the past 3 1/2 years, featuring her clients comedian Katt Williams, designer Ryan Kenny, producer Jazze Phe and plenty of fashion vendors. HPR, thank you for assisting me on my request and deadlines, you guys always come through."  ~Seannita Parmer, Fashion Director, King Magazine




"HPR is hands down one of the best in the business; not only because they get the job done and well, but because of the personal attention they pay to their clients and associates. Sasha has a special way of individualizing every client she works with and as an Editor, that shows me that she believes in them. It’s hard to get to every press release, but I look forward to reading the ones she writes!" ~Linda Day, Entertainment Director, Upscale Magazine



"Not only is HPR caring and friendly publicists, but they're extremely efficient, performing near-miracles for last-minute photo shoots and interviews with her clients. From Jazze Pha to Joi and Goapele, the HPR staff believes in its clients, working hard to ensure that they receive the proper recognition. Like the Jerry Maguire of PR, HPR gives each of its clients the necessary personal attention."  ~Celia San Miguel, Features Editor, Giant Magazine



When Helio PR knocks on the email inbox it's worth a read. Not only do they share clients with interesting journeys that appeal to readers they position them in front of the appropriate audiences so there is never a concern that this pitch is going straight to trash. The direction and foresight is always appreciated.  ~ Christopher L. Chaney, Publisher, NV Magazine



"HPR is a professional, friendly organization that seems to really care about its artists. And they have good taste, choosing only the most creative and talented artists to work with in the first place!" ~Tonya Pendleton, Editor, BET




“Do you know my friend - LA's hottest PR Maven Sasha Brookner? If not, you SHOULD.” ~Zondra Hughes, Editor, Ebony Magazine





“Helio PR is the best in the biz! It's because of them my fans can see me in Rolling Stone and on Jay Leno” ~Katt Williams




“I would like to thank Sasha Brookner and HPR, the ultimate publicists for everything they do.”  ~KRS One





"They will walk to the end of the earth making sure every single publicity need has been met."  ~Cee-Lo Green







"My experience with HPR has been no less than gratifying, they are consummate professionals. Their staff goes above and beyond." ~Vance DeBose, CEO, Ruffhouse Records






"HPR makes it happen. They think outside the box and are instrumental in breaking new artists.” ~Tony Ferguson, Senior Director of Publicity, Columbia Records






“Thank you Helio PR for my beginning and thank you so much for telling the world about Soulsinger.” ~Ledisi





"Since my inception with HPR it's been nothing but an upward movement with my career. They provided the necessary exposure that I so desperately needed and wasn't receiving and are the coolest yet professional publicity firm that I've ever worked with. I foresee nothing but a bright future for both them and myself." ~Jazze Pha





“Helio PR represents the utmost in Public Relations. Sasha is mad cool” ~Drumma Boy





“HPR and I are a good fit. My career has gradually grown and HPR has been able to support that from the grassroots level all the way to the national level. They have been there since my first album "Even Closer" and have helped spread the word and awareness nationwide. Starting out as an independent artist, it was very important for me to have a publicist that understood my music and where I was trying to go.”  ~Goapele





"To my publicist Sasha Brookner, guuurl you absolutely rock! Love your work! Thanks for spreading the word across the globe." ~Lira







"Helio PR is always at the top of my list when looking for someone who can connect me to the public. They have a constant ear on what's moving and relevant, and that's rare." ~Jason Edmonds, Stampede Management



"I had a chance to work in tandem with Helio PR on a project with the sensational South African artist Lira. They were the consummate professionals - they left no stone unturned and garnered tremendous results with great enthusiasm, drive and creativity."  ~Monifa Brown, VP Publicity, Shanachie Entertainment






"Sasha is awesome.  She is always putting our clothes on some of the top celebs in Hollywood as well as in sporting world.  In addition, she is very passionate and cares greatly about her clients." ~Peter Lee, CEO, Bow & Arrow Clothing







“Helio PR is the best! Their passion, dedication, and work ethic has really taken my career to another level!”   ~Mark Jenkins, Celebrity Fitness Trainer





“I was wondering…did I make good music? Or did Helio PR just do a great job? I still like to think it was my music.” ~Evidence








"Helio PR was a great resource for my sophomore album "Chemical Warfare" they helped secure a lot of visibility, and the bio I received from them was the best I've read in my entire career" ~The Alchemist








 "I partnered with HPR for my Mourning in America album, which was my most overtly political project. I wanted to work with someone who understood the message of the music and had a deep connection to the content. HPR was really creative and diligent in seeking out outlets and relationships that weren't on my radar before working with them. Sasha genuinely helped me spread the word and continues to send opportunities my way long after our contract for that project has come to a close. I'd definitely work with her again, especially for projects that need an outside the box approach."  ~Brother Ali





"HPR does what they say they’re going to do plain and simple. Dealing with them I've consistently got results not excuses." ~D.L. Warfield, CEO, Goldfinger Creative






"Heilo PR are the best! I've received opportunities that I haven't had in years and some that I've never had at all. They perfectly balancedthe world of online content with old fashion print & TV outlets. I highly recommend Helio PR." ~Vivian Green